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“Paula quickly got to grips with my systems and ways of working and offered suggestions on how to improve these. Whilst we are fairly new into our relationship, she has expertly delivered a range of tasks, which has enabled me to focus more on the key aspects of my business. She is very efficient and supports a level of interaction that works best for you, which I have found very valuable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paula.”

Isla McCrone, Director, Action Provocateurs Ltd

“I particularly love the way Paula has laid out her course, starting with building on your mindset and goals and really pinning down what your ideal client is. From there, she takes you through every aspect of setting up a business, from branding, research, business structure, financials, the technology and much more, so that now I’ve almost finished the course I feel so confident that I have all the tools I need to set up as a VA on my own.

Thank you Paula! You and your course have made a huge difference to my career and self confidence.”

Connie Anderson

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