Rates & Packages

One of the advantages of working with Advance Virtual Assistants is that you only pay for the time that you use and not the costly overheads of hiring an employee.

No recruitment costs
No tax
No National Insurance
No pension contributions
No holiday
No sick pay
No maternity pay
No office space required
No IT required
No time wasted

A retainer package is best suited to businesses that require regular ongoing support and know which tasks they wish to outsource each month. Retainer packages guarantee time in our calendar and are invoiced monthly in advance. Unused time is non-transferable.

Our most popular packages are detailed below, however, if you are interested in alternative options please get in touch.

Single purchase packages are available and may suit you if you require support with a specific one-off project. A 50% deposit would be required up-front, with the final 50% due on completion of the project.
Fee on discussion based on client requirements.. 

The hourly rate allows a more ad-hoc approach. For example, if the workload varies from month to month or for one off minor tasks such as a PowerPoint presentation. Payment is by invoice in arrears and there is a minimum charge of one hour.

Transcription services are available and are charged at £1.50 per audio minute

We track all the time spent and provide a detailed report with every invoice to clearly demonstrate how time is used

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how Advance Virtual Assistants can support your business

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