How to and why work with a VA:

“I wish I had time to pick more daisies…”

Virtual Assistance is a growing service, and with good reason.  Sole traders and small enterprises are benefitting from the flexibility of service that can be provided by a Virtual Assistant.  If you are not sure whether you need one, add up the hours spent per week on regular repetitive tasks and if this averages more than 10 hours a week, it might be time to talk to a VA about outsourcing these jobs.

This leaves time for you to work on more fun or creative aspects of your work and might even leave you a little time for time off.  It’s a fact that small business owners often neglect themselves, their health, their wellbeing and their family time.  They leave themselves with no “switch off” time.  Being mindful is big business and if your business is not practising this yet, you may be missing a trick!

Virtual Assistants work in a variety of ways to support and ultimately enrich small businesses.  There are broadly speaking, five different sectors that are most popularly required:

Firstly and most traditionally, VA’s work on Executive Administration tasks, in the same way that an ‘on site’ personal assistant would work.  Tasks include organising and responding to emails, scheduling appointments, updating filing systems, preparing slideshows and reports, producing travel itineraries etc etc.  The only difference is that the VA works remotely on a minute by minute basis, so you pay for time and results and not overheads or pensions or sick pay.

Secondly, many VA’s are required to concentrate on social media updates.  Writing regular blogs, updating websites, uploading pictures and reports and making sure your customers stay attracted to your company.

Thirdly, some VA’s offer specialized writing and editing services.  Proof-reading skills are becoming a rare and prized service in this age of emoticons and memes.  More companies are paying to ensure the content of their website, proposal and general correspondence is succinct and grammatically accurate. 

Fourthly, there are project management virtual assistants.  If you need support with a specific one-off event or meeting, such as a new product launch, it is often most efficient to hire in a person with events management expertise to oversee the project from start to finish.

Finally in this list, there are the virtual personal assistants who look after personal record-keeping, family commitments and events down to buying gifts for the family, booking restaurants and supporting with general house-keeping, such as finding a good plumber!

Once you and your VA have found one another and are ready to start working together, it’s important to be very clear exactly what you expect to gain from the partnership.  Ensure you allow time to discuss with your VA how you envisage the work can be done and to listen to his or her views too in order that the virtual work blends seamlessly with your company style.  And always establish timelines and deadlines for both work to be done and for invoices to be paid.  It’s a two way relationship, after all.

At Advance VA we listen to our clients’ needs and support them to help them grow and improve their businesses through our bespoke services.  Good communication is very important when working remotely.  We recommend regular catch-up meetings and phone calls to keep in touch, stay on track and discuss new ideas.

Contact us today to talk about using us to free some of your time to grow your business, grow your life and perhaps even grow more flowers. e�rB 2b2t2jB{2h