Spring is almost upon us.  Almost.  The birds in my garden have been wondering – do birds wonder? If the blackbird on my windowsill with a piece of dried grass in its mouth and a puzzled expression on its face is anything to go by, they do wonder -whether to build nests for the past month.  Unseasonal warm breezes followed by frosty gusts are confusing for everyone.  Nature is giving the birds their own challenges. 

We humans have additional challenges during this spring of political wavering.  How’s your business going as the outside temperature rises and the inside temperature steams and splutters with uncertainty.  What’s your business temperature like?  Cool, calm and collected?  Is your team happy and fulfilled?  Plans previously laid are being smoothly followed? Productivity up?

No?  In that case, it might be time to develop a growth mindset for your business. This is the belief that you can develop your talents and abilities through hard work, good strategies, and help from others. The opposite, in case you were wondering, is a ‘fixed mindset’, which is the belief that existing abilities are unalterable traits which can never be improved. 

In business a growth mindset is vital to overcome setbacks and challenges.  And a huge asset in times of uncertainty.  It’s the ability to take on challenges, learn and grow from them.   This ability to negotiate, delegate and trust others often makes the difference between success and failure. 

It might seem frightening to let others step into your shoes and help but it is usually the only way to grow.  And it’s always worth spending time on strategic planning in order to reach your organizational goals faster.

Most business owners have already made goals, targets, and objectives and are working towards them.  But when the temperature rises and the political landscape changes, these goals might need tweaking or changing to keep moving forwards.

And this is where delegation and trust come in.  Your business is very important to you and you want to protect it and hold onto the reins, but you also need to trust those who work for you and with you. 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best way to engage a worker who is going to work with 100% focus for your business.  This is because a good VA understands your business inside and out. And the success of your business is mutually important to you and your VA.  The best partnerships work together like the two wheels of a bicycle, or the two wings of a bird.  A VA provides a bespoke service to whichever part of the business needs help. 

Trust in your fellow workers is mutually empowering and directly related to the team’s productivity levels and satisfaction.  

What’s the best way to find out if you can trust somebody?” asked Ernest Hemingway:   “To trust them.” 

This is as important in business relationships as in personal friendships.

Trust is part of the growth mindset.  It enables you to let go of the reins on certain tasks in order to focus your attention on new ideas and strategic planning. 

By taking the time to talk to a VA and identifying your key priorities you can free up your own time. By delegating potential work tasks and distractions which are not important to organisational growth to the VA, you can achieve your business goals faster.

At Advance Virtual Assistants we listen to our clients’ needs and support them to help them grow their businesses through trust and with strategic planning. 

Contact us today to set up an initial brainstorming session to help build your nest and your business.