December marks the beginning of advent, the beginning of winter and for most people the beginning of Christmas.

Most small business owners are racing to get everything done to a tight deadline, before the ‘season to be jolly’ starts throwing a spanner into everyone’s diaries and inboxes.

It’s an interesting time. Everyone is hustling and bustling around the world visiting loved ones and spending savings on ‘jolly’ Christmas presents for others. We often over-eat, over-party and underestimate our recovery time after celebrations. And, before we know it, New Year’s Eve pops up bringing its traditional buffet of good food and warm feelings.
Now is the time of resolutions: What actions can we take towards goals to make life better for ourselves and our loved ones? Ironically, many people’s new years’ resolutions are all about recovering from the financial and physical damage they’ve inflicted on themselves over Christmas. But that’s another story!

As a small business owner in December, you are most likely also in the process of making plans and setting goals for the New Year. Whatever your business, wherever it’s based, there is always room to improve, reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

Why not give your business the precious gift of time or space by outsourcing some of the tasks that slow you down?
• You may be wondering how on earth you are going to manage time, meetings and tasks efficiently or how to increase production while keeping customers happy.
• Perhaps it’s time to grow your brand through greater marketing.
• Or maybe you’d simply like to streamline your book-keeping and spend more time at home with your family.

The main reason small businesses get stuck in a rut is because the business owner has worked hard to grow the business from seed and is afraid to let go of the reins and get some help. The cost of employing staff and the ever-growing financial responsibility for employees prevents many people from taking their business to the next level.

Why not think strategically, this December, and give your business a gift that will not fizzle out in January. Advance your business and ultimately your life, with Virtual Assistance.
Our customers find it’s the best way to give them more flexibility and less stress.

Advance Personal Assistants are a small independent group of trained Administrators, Personal Assistants, Marketing Consultants, Writers, Book-keepers (to name a few) who can tailor our services to your individual needs. No business is too small or too niche for us to help. You pay us for the hours we work and nothing more. Your business goes forward.
We can offer a bespoke service to fit in with your requirements: from a few hours a month to running full projects, our customers find Virtual Assistants to be the wisest and most financially viable choice.

It’s time to look forward to the New Year with positivity and enthusiasm. Give us a call this week to find out how I can help you meet your goals and have the Happiest New Year.