According to recent government statistics, over 660,000 people are employed as secretaries, personal assistants, receptionists and typists. They are usually given office space at the company premises and paid a salary with benefits. Is that the optimum use of their employers’ resources?

The Internet and cloud computing means that business today does not have to be linked to a physical location. Entrepreneurs of all kinds are setting up virtual shops…and we’re not just speaking about eCommerce. Businesses of all types have opted for a primary virtual presence and a secondary physical one (if required).

With this change in thinking comes a change in staffing. Office staff no longer need to be located at the same physical location. In fact, you don’t have to provide them with a physical workspace at all.

The best solution is to opt for working with Virtual Assistants. Here’s why…

Reason 1: Virtual Assistants have more tricks up their sleeves

Office staff, whether online or in the office, usually offer the traditional office support services: answering phones, emailing, texting, filing, copying, etc. Virtual Assistants have a plethora of additional skills to offer. In addition to coping with all the usual office tasks, they are well-positioned to help their employers close skills gaps as required. These gaps might include bookkeeping, organising events and project management, setting up social media marketing, coordinating travel arrangements, creating graphics and printables, sourcing services and materials, to name but a few.

Reason 2: Opportunities for proactive staff members

Virtual Assistants naturally take the initiative when appropriate; they don’t just wait for instructions. They have a wealth of experience, enabling them to take the initiative and the responsibility to get the job done, without having to come to you every step of the way. Obviously, though, they are not going to be billing hours without your prior agreement.

Reason 3: A variety of staff for the price of one

Virtual Assistants are like a ‘one stop shop’, affording you a variety of skills in a single person. This reduces the need of several staff to undertake different roles.

Reason 4: Virtually no down time

Virtual Assistants often have a small, entrusted team of associates. This ensures your access to experts who can do what you need doing when you need it done. Of course this set-up offers a wider variety of skill sets. It also means that your service should not be interrupted during holiday periods and helps you avoid missing deadlines because your workers are ill. Think of it as your trusted brolly—whatever the weather, it’s there at your service…ready to be ‘activated’ or not as required.

Reason 5: Flexible payment options

One option is to contract with Virtual Assistants for retained hours to ensure that they have the monthly availability you know you require. Another plan is paying by the hour in which you are only charged for the actual time spent on your business—usually very helpful for small or one-off projects.

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