Hi, my name is Paula and I’m a VA!

Nearly a year on from starting my busy business and I have faced many reoccurring questions and perceptions that can be asked about this popular and, for some, indispensable industry! For those accustomed to the traditional methods and concepts of working many draw parallels with the work of a Virtual Assistant to a teleworker or somebody working from home. To some extent, these are true. VAs share many similarities with remote workers and they certainly rely on the same technology and connectivity that is taken for granted amongst the business world today. However, what makes us VAs unique is our ability to serve a number of clients almost simultaneously and to ‘penny packet’ our hours to suit each customer. Being self-employed ensures that our clients avoid the additional HR burdens and our bespoke contracts allow the customer flexibility and predictability in the service they receive! So there we go…VAs can be the same – but different; all the benefits of a teleworking employee but without the downfalls of the HR overheads!